MY MISSION is to help others bridge the gap between the mind and body.

We are all the same and yet we very different.

Systemically the human body is built to function the same in all of us, but due to different variables whether it be genetics, physiology, our environment, likes and dislikes our body has adapted to function as efficiently in what it’s been exposed to overtime.

How you THINK, EAT, FEEL and INTERACT on a daily basis will impact the way you live as an individual in ALL areas of your life.

Your body and mind is a continuous entity.

When there is a break or disconnect somewhere it will affect the rest of the system.

There are many studies and research showing that our mind, our thoughts, affect our physical body.

We know this.

Your physical body doesn’t know the difference between physical stress and mental stress.

Regardless of which type of stress it is, it will put all its resources into “fight” or “flight” mode. Increasing heart rate, blood pressure, sugar in blood, muscle tension, among other symptoms.

This response shuts off any task that the body deems unnecessary in the moment.

Meaning it will shut down (or hinder) digestion, immunity, cellular growth and any other process that regulates the body for growth and regulation, to put all its efforts into surviving.

This should give some insight into what CHRONIC stress could do to our bodies and how it can show up in various ways.

Cravings, moods, indigestion, weight loss/gain and the list goes on.

These are all signals, messages from you body asking for help.

Health goes beyond fitness and nutrition, it’s really about how you see and live life as a whole.

Who I am and my expertise.

 I am a female Korean American certified NCSF personal trainer, RYT200 yoga teacher, Animal Flow Coach and FRC mobility specialist. But beyond all those acronyms, I am a person who has personally worked through the trenches of untangling what media had decided “health” should look like and discovering what health really means to me.

How can I help you?

I am here to help you to your weight loss, strength, mobility and movement goals. I am here to hold you accountable for these things but more importantly I’m here to offer you my support and guidance in finding the tools for a process that empowers YOU to discover what health means to you.