It's not just about the end result but in the process that one develops and learns movement confidence not just physically but in mindset as well....

"My primary goal was to solve my very severe back pain problems. I suspected the process, if it were to be successful, would take a long time. After several months the pain started to subside and after about two years I was nearly pain free and off pain medication.The pain gradually subsided. My weight did not vary materially but I did lose fat and waistline while adding muscle and greatly improving my core strength and flexibility. I’m driving golf balls farther than ever. Mellisa listened carefully about my physical condition before each session. She altered her sessions to adjust to my specific status. She is very positive and takes her training responsibilities more professionally than any other trainer I have used. Her work was a life changer for me."

-Cary H

"When I first met Mellisa, I had previously never been able get into a regular fitness routine. I lacked strength, flexibility and most importantly, I lacked the confidence to do something about it.  I was intimidated by gyms and by people that went to them. One of the big things for me was overcoming my fear of getting hurt when we first started.  I quickly learned to trust her implicitly which gave me the freedom to push myself harder and beyond the false limits I had erroneously established for myself.   She gave me the confidence and peace of mind to achieve my goals without fear of getting injured.

Mellisa is a great trainer and was exactly what I needed.  My self-improvement journey with her has made a significant impact on my overall quality of life. "

-John S.

“Mellisa style of training meets people where they are at. She is able to think on her feet and adjust our daily plan to fit my ever-changing physical and emotional needs. Mellisa guides me to move responsibly, functionally and with intention”


“Working with Mellisa has improved my flexibility immensely. My hips' mobility have increased greatly and my shoulders are much stronger and have a larger range of motion. Further, my posture has improved a lot since I started to work with her. Most importantly, I have a fun time doing yoga and meditation with her.

-Jake B.